John Lennon | Ed Sullivan Show (1964)


"If you can’t have a fight with your best friend, who can you fight with?"

- John Lennon


Happy Birthday, Don Henley 

From your small, local bands in Linden, Texas to the Eagles in California, you picked up pieces that had been left behind by long-gone legends. You caught the dust that they had become after everybody forgot them, and you spoke with them; spoke as them; you knew that they had been wandering too long — they weren’t finished what they were saying. You had the power of the senses and you listened when something was calling you.

You were always so progressive in your mind and in your styles, but you never forgot the things that made you who you are. You remained faithful to the ones you loved and you didn’t really let the dark life of rock n roll change you.

You could catch your feelings before they got out of control and you put them down on paper with such elegance and thought. After all, you are an English major. 

Though you are perceived by many people to be a malcontent or a gold-digger, or whatever they say, I never really saw that in you. I always thought you to be shy and reserved and most definitely observant. 

And your voice — its crystal quality and power could bring anybody to tears. And your righteous beauty had the capability to lock anyone in. It’s hard for anyone not to be captivated by your divinity. 

I’m so glad that we got the songs that you and Glenn and Jackson and J.D wrote and put forth. I don’t think the Eagles would’ve been able to do it without their Texan English major. 

Happy 67th, Don Henley! 



Ringo Starr posing for the Help! album cover, 1965


i for one am glad that he supports the cause